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Mexican Blanket, Ocean - for Yoga, Camping, Picnics, Beach - WHOLESALE

Mexican Blanket, Ocean - for Yoga, Camping, Picnics, Beach - WHOLESALE

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  • Warm & Cozy Serape Blanket 
  • Handmade in Mexico
  • Vibrant Colored Native Blankets
  • Both Durable and Stylish
  • The Perfect, Multi-Purpose Gift
  • Traditional Patterned Throw Blankets
  • Every Mexican Blanket is Unique

Day to Day Use:

This authentic Mexican Falsa Blanket is going to be your go-to for all your indoor and outdoor needs, following you through your day-to-day life. Cuddle up on the porch with your boho throw blanket, take it along as a yoga blanket, use for a picnic blanket in the park or as a beach blanket while you surf, take hiking and camping, use as a seat cover in the car, as a dog blanket, and incorporate it into your stylish bohemian home décor as a boho throw blanket, or "drug rug" blanket.


Product Dimensions: 72 48 inches

Weight: 2.2 lbs

Hang dry after machine washing with cold water.

*** Every blanket is unique. Color patterns may slightly vary from original photo.*** 

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