A Day in the Life: SoCal

A Day in the Life: SoCal

Waking up in Southern California could feel like a dream to many people. The weather is always beautiful, the air is always crisp, and you can smell the ocean air from just about anywhere. I wake up every morning just a short couple of miles away from some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. After living here for so long, you almost become numb to the fact that you have something so beautiful just a few blocks away, that so many people pay thousands to experience for a weekend vacation with their family. I have trained myself to become grateful for them by enjoying a beach sunset whether it’s with my friends- or just by myself, at least once a week!

My Beach Essentials

Being a SoCal beach connoisseur, a few of my MUST-HAVE beach essentials include my Andrew James blanket and my hydro flask! There’s nothing more important than having a fashionable blanket that still operates how you need it to for a typical beach trip. This blanket is perfect to layout and relax on for a sunset view or even for your midday tanning session in your bikini. These blankets are comfortable, affordable, and efficient! 

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A hydro flask or your choice of an insulated water bottle is also key because especially during the summertime you’re going to want some ice cold water to quench your thirst and it’s also no plastic waste. Hydro Flask reusable water bottles will get the job done.

Having a good book or kindle to read from will make the time pass quickly as you are laying out on the beach or by the pool. This is one of the summer essentials that you will not want to forget!

Packing a sun hat is a great idea because it is a cute accessory AND protects you from the sun’s harmful rays and keeps you cool on balmy beach days!

Beach days are the best days and those are just a few easy tips to ensure the most relaxed day possible. Don’t forget to check out Andrew James' blankets and start making the most of your outdoor adventures. Also, don’t skip over our blog post about the best hikes in the area!

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